Friday, 27 July 2012

Hiring: Web Application Architecture Jobs in Bangalore


    B.E. in Computer Science or equivalent technical degree.
    At least 7 years commercial experience in web application development and architecture.
    Strong experience in at least one MVC architecture or application of the pattern.
    Direct experience using Adobe Flex building UI widgets or components.
    Direct experience with JavaScript and Ajax as well as solid skills in CSS across major browsers.
    Must possess and demonstrate a good understanding of user interface design, usability design and user experience design.
    Must demonstrate a solid understanding of Java Web technology including Java Web Services (REST and SOAP) and experience with dealing JSON and XML documents.
    Strong commitment to delivering well-structured, well-commented and test-driven code that is easy to maintain (by junior developers)
    Self-starter that is results focused with the ability to work independently and in teams.
    Proven track record of producing high quality software against plans and schedules that are being met consistently






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